About the DAS Calculator

In rheumatology, study after study shows that a treat to target approach in the management of rheumatoid arthritis leads to best patient outcomes. However, using validated tools to measure disease activity can sometimes be cumbersome. Ideally, the clinician needs the most efficient method to record their results and in today's day and age, record those results practically.

Hence the reason we launched RheumDAS.com. The goal of this website, brought to you by the health care providers at AlbertaRheumatology.com, is to provide a tool for clinicians that will enhance the care they are able to provide to their patients with inflammatory arthritis. To explore more about rheumatology and other tools we have to offer, visit us at AlbertaRheumatology.com, or our Youtube page.

This disease activity calculator can be used on our website alone, or you can email the results to your patient, print it off for your paper records, or import it directly into your electronic medical record.

Disease Activity Score Calculations:

DAS28-ESR = 0.56*sqrt(t28) + 0.28*sqrt(sw28) + 0.70*Ln(ESR) + 0.014*GH
(Remission <2.6, LDA 2.6 - 3.2, MDA 3.2 - 5.1, HDA >5.1)

DAS28-CRP = 0.56*sqrt(TJC28) + 0.28*sqrt(SJC28) + 0.36*ln(CRP+1) + 0.014*GH + 0.96
(Remission <2.6, LDA 2.6 - 3.2, MDA 3.2 - 5.1, HDA >5.1)

SDAI = TJC + SJC + PtGH + ProvGH + CRP/10 (mg/L)
(Remission 0-3.3, LDA 3.4 -11, MDA 11.1 - 26, HDA 26.1 - 86)

CDAI = TJC + SJC + PtGH + ProvGH
(Remission <2.8, LDA 2.8-9.9, MDA 10 - 21.9, HDA >22)

LDA = Low Disease Activity
MDA = Moderate Disease Activity
HDA = High Disease Activity

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